P.G. Diploma (Journalism)

P.G. Diploma in Journalism

Fees: Rs 30,000/- per annum

Career Prospects for Journalism & Mass Communication

  1. Personal Assistant to the Supre. Agricultural Officer
  2. Deputy Editor (Examiner)
  3. Exhibition Assistant
  4. Deputy Forest Conservator (Publicity and Liaison division)
  5. Radio Liaison Officer (6) Exhibition Assistant
  6. Extension Officer
  7. Occupation information Officer
  8. Publication Assistant
  9. Publicity Officer
  10. Vocational Guidance Officer
  11. Counsellor
  12. Film librarian
  13. Sub-divisional Officer, Small Savings
  14. Deputy Editor (District Gazetteer)
  15. Assistant Editor)
  16. Publication Officer (Languages)
  17. Education and Information Officer (Family Welfare)
  18. Information Officer (Family Welfare)
  19. Mass Education and Communication Media Officer, State Family Planning Bureau
  20. Physical Education Officer
  21. Exhibition and Publicity Officer
  22. Public Relations Officer (Police Dept.)
  23. Assistant Director of Information (Tourism)
  24. Assistant Director of Information
  25. Deputy Director of Information.
  26. in-charge Officer, Gujarat Information Centre (28) Deputy Director of Information.
  27. Information Officer, New Dethi.
  28. Manager, Information Centre.
  29. Editor, Civil Defence (32) Divisional Liaison Officer
  30. Assistant Director of Information, RI-IA Vadodara
  31. Information Officer (I-l.Q.)
  32. Deputy Editor
  33. Tourism Officer
  34. Personal Assistant to the Commissioner of Fisheries
  35. Publicity Officer (Removal of Untouchability
  36. Planning Officer (Social Security)
  37. Prevention of Child Marriage Officer
  38. Assistant Director, Prohibition and Excise

Course Contents

Paper I 100 Marks Introduction to Journalism, Constitution of India and Press Laws
Paper II 100 Marks Reporting (including Current Affairs)
Paper III 100 Marks Writing, Editing
Paper IV 100 Marks

Newspaper Management, Printing and Mass Communication OR Human Communication (Optional)

Paper V 100 Marks Cultural Heritage of India
Paper VI 150 Marks

Internal Assessment (Term Tests, Study Paper, Class Work: Reporting, Writing. Editing, Alpha Journals, Viva Voce)