Public Relations & Event Mangement

Principles of Public Relations and Communication

  1. Definitions, Basic Elements and Common Misconceptions
  2. Principles of Public Relations-Truth, Service, Public Interest-Two way Communication, Persuasive Communication
  3. Nature, Scope Functions and Dimensions of Public Relations
  4. Public Relations as distinct from other forms of Public Communication, Public Information, Publicity, Propoganda, Advertising, Lobbying.
  5. History and Growth of PR in India and in West
  6. Tools in New Business Environment
  7. Publics of PR, Public Opinion, Measuring Public Opinion, Opinion Leaders
  8. A Management Function, Public Relations Process
  9. Professional Requirements of PR Persons. Training & Reserace
  10. Code of Ethics, International Code of Ethics
  11. Issue Management (Case Studies)

Media of Public Relations, including Event Management and Media Relations

  1. Mass Media & Society
  2. Verbal Communication in PR Practice
  3. Print & Visual Media (Newspapers, Photographs, Exhibitions)
  4. Photography: An Aid to PR
  5. Electronic Media(Radio-T.V.)
  6. Television
  7. Writing for T.V.
  8. Audio-Visual Media(Films)
  9. Information Technology News Media-e-PR
  10. Traditional Media for PR
  11. Multimedia Approaches