Career in Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass Communication and journalism are the courses that draw their fair share of individuals every year. To be true India has huge, thriving journalism industry which will have a bright future throughout their career.

An Impact That Drives a Journalist

If someone talks with a veteran journalist with eons of field experience then they will surely try to put everything very clear so as to give a proper meaning to their profession. Moreover, it is similar to that of a work of art which is passionately followed by some aspirants. Even though there are some complaints connected with the journalist which intensively means that they have unpredicted working hours. At some point of they are underpaid and under work and have to move after even a small issue and it sometimes leads to the hope of the story. One important factor that attracts most of the youngsters to choose journalism field is its sheer versatility. It basically does not require any professional skill moreover the life of the person will still revolve around the profession only. As long as it keeps affecting people the journalists can make a living talking or write about it that will probably be the best way to reach the peaks.

Career Prospects

All the graduates of both Mass Communication as well as journalism course programs work in different fields that include publishing, traditional news media, research institutes and so on. However, the job profile of the aspirants offered to them are as follows

  • Fashion photographer
  • Journalist or news reporter
  • Producer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Radio jockey
  • Content writer
  •  Public Relations Officer

Pay Scale and Job Opportunity

A very big thanks to the mass media as there is always an unending solution for to the job opportunities. Especially students who have chosen Mass Communication will surely have a bright future. As news and entertainment is a great platform for abandoned job opportunities especially in journalism and film sectors. In addition to that India is one of the largest producers of the film in the world that creates lots of opportunities for media aspirants in the business world. Technically speaking the qualified media professionals can work in different TV channels and grab the opportunity to prove themselves. There are many top companies located in the country that requires lots of people who have successfully led their career as communication experts.

People who have special interests and skills then it becomes easy for them to start the journalism course from a mass communication Institute. Basically, interest is the essential aspect of sound knowledge in categories including news and current affairs. The person should always have basic concerned about what is happening in the world with latest updates and time to time information. They also have high as well as attractive pay scale for talented and trained individuals. The salary can range from Rs 12,000 and 25,000 for a fresher depending upon the skills that they possess.  However, it is the starting salary and it gets incremented year by year that also adds work experience for them.