How to be an RJ?

Radio Jockeying is an exciting, promising as well as the thrilling career for the people who have strong interpersonal skills along with radio jockeys specifications who have the ability to anchor programmes. The main job of the radio jockey is to entertain the listeners and keep them engaged with lots of music and also to convey the message to them. Most of the youngsters prefer choosing RJ as they build up passion towards it.

Different Courses Offered

To become a radio jockey one has to do some courses related to it. Pursuing certification can help them to achieve their goals. Some of the courses offered include,

  • Certificate Course in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing (ABCD)
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying ( CRJ )
  • Diploma in Radio Management
  • Diploma in Radio Jockeying ( DRJ )
  • Certificate Course in Radio Production Programme
  • Diploma in Radio Station Operations and Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (PGDRM )
  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management ( DRPM )

So if one can have certification in any of the above-mentioned courses then they can easily get the job on popular radio stations. The remuneration of the RJ also depends upon their experience and the course in which they are specialized.

Career as a Radio Jockey

The enthusiastic and energetic young generation chooses the profession of a radio jockey as they have the outgoing personality. So the person who chooses this career should definitely have a good command of native language with an attractive voice. So one who fulfills these two requirements are said to have a successful career as an RJ. Most of the RJ celebrities have proved that they are unique with their own styles along with invisible skills so as to entertain the audience. In fact, creativity is the biggest asset that definitely brings a bright future. Apart from that person who chooses this profession should also have experience as it is one of the most preferred aspects? However, the individuals should listen to the radio on a regular basis so as to have a grip on it.

Excellent Tips to Become a Radio Jockey

As already said radio jockey is the most inspiring, flourishing and demanding and the youth. So it is better to do some tips that will help in becoming a successful RJ.

  • Be creative: People who have creative approach are always given the first preference.
  • Should have a good sense of humor: In addition to creativity, they should also have the good sense of humor. This is to make the listeners get entertained and staying connected with the channel.
  • Flexible and adaptability: So as to continue the floor or to add an immediate report the RJ should be adaptable. In addition to that, they should also be flexible so that they can handle any instant situations.
  • Awareness and knowledge: A radio jockey should have minimum knowledge and awareness on a regular basis. Because the other job of radio jockey is to let the people know about some interesting aspects or give them basic Awareness of things that they do not know.
  • Command over the languages: Definitely radio jockey should have command over their own language.