Career Option After Journalism

In the modern era of technology and communicational ongoing, people around the globe want themselves ahead of the anything that happens and they also want to keep themselves abreast of the latest changes and developments happening too and doing this thing and making news and information to reach in front of us in a better and presentable way is Journalism.

About Journalism

Journalism means to share information about every relevant thing that is happening in the world. Newspapers, television, radio and the new media, the internet has completely changed and revolutionized the way news uses to be broadcast in the back. Now, journalists have a very significant and important role to play in this practice of spreading and sharing awesome information.

Nowadays, journalism is not standing right as a mere career but it stands for a prestigious profession and side by side a challenging and fastest growing career option. Journalists play a key role in the growth and development of any nation. The main purpose of journalism is to inform, educate and also enlighten the people on various issues and problems revolving around them.

Now the time is there when swords won`t be able to stand stronger in front of pen and camera. Numerous opportunities for journalists have been generated every year around the world. Now it doesn’t only stand for reporting news standing in the place of its happening but it has become more specialized and professional. A journalist is now being specialized in areas like politics, finance, economics and other things too so that the coverage area of its informative network may go wide enough to make him cover as much as he or she can report so.

Career Options after Journalism (Print Media)

  • Reporter: As a reporter of a newspaper or magazine or any news or television agency, your job will be to report with speed, accuracy, and clarity of the content.
  • Writer: If you want to lead the front end team and you think you can develop a story out of the pieces of story collected by the reporters then being a writer as feature or leader is perfect for you. You can write stories, put around specific writing in-depth programs and many other things and scripts for the shows.
  • Critics: Be well read and experienced and you can be a critic in newspaper or news television channel. It doesn’t matter what field is yours if you want to be a critic, you should be well versed and known to that word and thus everything will go smooth and will work for you.
  • Photo Journalist: You can also be a photographic and capturing the news in your camera and develop a story out of it.

Career Options after Journalism (Electronic Media)

  • Researchers: You can be a researcher and you can revolve around doing all the research work for the channel or the site you are working.
  • Broadcast reporters: A broadcast reporter is one who reports the news that the journalists collect and presents them in a beautiful manner. For this, you should be having good communication skills.

Apart from these career options, you brave allot of things that you can opt for journalism.