Role of Mass Communication and Multimedia

In fact, there are numerous reasons why the technology of mass communication and multimedia is gaining so much importance. Because the technology plays a very important role in each and every part of human life. Similarly, it has become important to determine the technical aspects.

Mass Communication

With the new technologies, the mass communication has been drastically increasing. In fact, mass communication is a process of sending the message via a channel of communication. The message will be communicated to a large number of people or the general public. The basic means of communication involves televisions, social media networks, and radius. The professional communicators will help in providing the informative message to the public.  The current technologies used are,

  • Classic instruction
  • Technical literature
  • Online materials


Types of Mass Communication

The mass media has evolved significantly since many years. Before the existence of the internet or television mass media is the only way to provide information. There are different types of mass Communications available such as

  • Advertising that consists of the communication attempt in order to induce per serving behavior.
  • Public relationships regarding the particular product.
  • Political concerns.
  • Journalism like news.



Multimedia is a process in which the computer information is represented via video, audio as well as animations. It can also be defined as a field that is concerned with computer control integration along with different strategic performances. A multimedia application is used to collect information from different sources. Multimedia tends to be sophisticated in terms of production as well as provides simple text to image information.

Components of Multimedia

The multimedia application can be included in many different types. But the main characteristic of multimedia is to use make use of more than one kind of media in order to transmit the information. Mostly web and personal computers are involved in providing accurate information to the users. The components of multimedia includes

Text: It is one of the media types which is used to provide information. The readers can easily understand the text content and get informed. Basically, every website consists of text information along with the accessibility of requirements.

Image processing: Along with the text there is equal importance for images as well. Because images also play a vital role in multimedia. There are different image formats like digital image files that include both JPEGs and PNGs.

Audio: Audio files also act as multimedia systems to convey information. In fact, they are apart of application content and is said to be the basic multimedia service. While they appear in any web applications they need to get employed with plugin multimedia players so as to access it.

Video: Video is nothing but a digital video that is most commonly appears in multimedia. They are specially designed video websites that specifically provides video content along with audio facility.

Animation: Animated has become quite common for the web as well as desktop multimedia applications. It can also support interactive effect thereby getting interacted with the animation by using mouse or keyboard.